The Bridge Between Medical Devices and Clinical Data

Streamline the collection and management of clinical data so safer and better medical devices can reach healthcare faster.

Vision & Mission

All MedTech companies should be able to collect high quality clinical data.

We make it easy and effective to collect and manage clinical data in compliance with MedTech industry regulations

Our Company

Since June, 2022, SMART-TRIAL has been part of Greenlight Guru. Together, we will provide unprecedented service to the MedTech industry with an end-to-end lifecycle excellence platform.
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From our inception SMART-TRIAL has been committed to the MedTech industry. We are building a long-term solution to fit the future of the MedTech industry and its regulatory framework.

Founded back in 2013 we have over 9 years of experience working with Medical Device manufacturers and possess valuable know-how that is mirrored in all our services.




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