Open Letter from the CEO on SMART-TRIAL Joining Greenlight Guru

June 2, 2022
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Today, the acquisition of SMART-TRIAL by Greenlight Guru was announced. This marks the next step in our combined mission to provide MedTech companies with tailored software solutions that drive value throughout the device lifecycle.

More than a decade ago, we, and many of our peers experienced the inefficiency and clunkiness connected with clinical data gathering. The frustration over the unnecessary strain on staff and resources along with low-quality or lost data sparked a stream of ideas on how this could be resolved in a better way.

At the time, electronic data capture was a privilege for the few device companies with large enough budgets and companies from other parts of the life science industries, while the majority of MedTech companies were left with outdated data collection methods like paper, Excel, etc.

In 2013 we embarked on the mission to change that. From the beginning, our goal was to provide the industry with a tool that enabled all MedTech companies to easily and effectively collect high quality clinical data in compliance with industry regulations – a goal that has not and will not change.

Over the past 9+ years, we are grateful to have had the chance to help more than 100 companies from all over the world achieve that goal, and the SMART-TRIAL platform has evolved into a market-leading EDC for MedTech. In collaboration with the industry itself, the software has been fine-tuned to be the perfect fit for medical devices and diagnostics.

In 2021, we formed a strategic partnership with Greenlight Guru – a company on a similar journey, with a mission to provide electronic quality management designed specifically for MedTech companies.

As the partnership grew closer, it became apparent that Greenlight Guru not only shared our mission to provide state of the art software tools built specifically for the medical device industry, but also similar values, company culture, and vision for the future of the industry.

The extraordinary synergies between our two companies made it clear to us that we had a unique opportunity to change the industry for the better, by joining forces. Therefore, I’m extremely proud that SMART-TRIAL will become part of Greenlight Guru’s visionary MedTech Lifecycle Excellence Platform – a completely new category in software made for MedTech that will integrate cross-functional teams, processes, and data throughout the product lifecycle.

This is exactly what the industry needs, and we are very happy to be part of what will become the golden standard software platform for MedTech companies. With the combined experience of Greenlight Guru and SMART-TRIAL and synergies between the platforms, we will be able to provide a service for MedTech of unprecedented quality and scale.

Jón, Alex and I are excited to become an active part in raising the bar for the software solutions available to device and diagnostic solutions around the globe.

Read the press release here.

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