SMART-TRIAL v2.2 is here!

May 29, 2016
.  written by 
Jón I.

We are happy to announce the release of SMART-TRIAL 2.2. The new version is available from today and includes both new features and bug fixes.

  • Voice call two-step authentication as an additional security feature, useful if you are not receiving a verification code via SMS
  • Time zone specifications for sites, useful If sites are in different time zones and data events are influenced by date/time
  • Comments on individual visit form answers for increased compliance with GCP
  • SAE notifications to chosen collaborators for increased review compliance of SAE reports
  • Reasons for exclusion/cancellation which can be used to distinguish reasons why discontinuing a subject
  • Slider & Information text new question/data type in forms
  • Monitor data view which gives monitors quick access to all data, sites and subjects within a study

Other improvements

  • Full Internet Explorer 11 support. SMART-TRIAL is now fully supported on IE 11, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge
  • Change the name of "Protocols" to "Processes" to better clarify the function of processes and data events
  • Improved design of Forms and Processes creation
  • Collaborators can now start/stop test mode - requires collaborator permissions to be updated
  • Possibility to export data while in test mode - in order to perform full GCP compliant validation setup
  • SMART-TRIAL now remembers your list page size when jumping to and from list views
  • Updated language support for subject data events - we now support English, Danish, and Icelandic. More languages are to follow during the next couple of weeks, i.e. Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Russian, Chinese and Slovakian.
  • Updated audit log details and reviewing
  • Forms and processes are now auto saved during create/edit to minimise loss of work
  • All forms you have stored are now listed in your user profile
  • Now you can go back and forward when filling out a form
  • You can now delete study in build mode, processes, and user profile forms

You, our users, are the key to improving our product. Your feedback is invaluable to us and we encourage you to send any ideas or improvement wishes to