SMART-TRIAL 2.3 is out!

January 29, 2017
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We are very happy to announce that SMART-TRIAL version 2.3 is now available to all of our users. Many new functionalities and slight change to design will surely help our users drive their project more effectively.

What’s new?

  • Amendments - You can now change the structure of an ongoing study by using the amendment functionality of the system.
  • Queries - A simple-to-use functionality which allows queries to be made to data input with sophisticated notification system.
  • Booking - It is now possible to schedule a time with your subjects/patients in the system.
  • Upload image as answer - You now have the possibility to upload image as an answer to your question.
  • Translation Module - It is now possible to translate the forms in your project to the languages you prefer.
  • Sites overview - You now have an overview of the progress of all sites from a single page.
  • Optional subject attributes - You can now add subject attributes to your study which are not mandatory.
  • Notifications - Notifications will pop up when a user receives a query,  an AE/SAE report is created, or when there is missing data.
  • Discontinue forms - Define forms to be filled out when a subject is discontinued.
  • Blinding of collaborators - Collaborators can now be blinded from seeing the trial group of subjects.

We certainly hope you will enjoy this new version and we will keep you updated of all new releases.