Release: SMART-TRIAL Version 2018.2 is out now

April 3, 2018
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We are happy to announce that a new version of SMART-TRIAL is available now. This post is aimed at informing you about the release update Version 2018.2 which includes new features, improvements, bug fixes and, removed features.  The highlight of this post is the introduction of the new features in SMART-TRIAL which are Randomization of subjects to trial groups and a new question type.

New Features of SMART-TRIAL 2018.2

Randomization of subject enrollment in trial groups

  • Define any number of trial groups for your process
  • Exporting a randomization list but requires special permission
  • Uses block randomization with random block sizes
  • Uses stratification based on sites

New question type referred as Calculated Question Type

  • Define a formula that references other questions to calculate e.g. BMI based on height and weight.
  • A real-time update of the calculated question when filling out or changing answers.


  • New and updated date and time selectors for forms and other input fields
  • Updated help texts for collaborator permissions
  • After creating or editing an AE/SAE report you now stay at the AE/SAE report
  • Subject list in site overview is now updated when enrollment status filter is changed

Bug Fixes

  • Users cannot enrol subjects with missing view translations permission
  • Missing data is set for questions that are hidden behind show rules if added in an amendment
  • Previously not existing collaborator does not receive all permissions upon creating the user account
  • The scrollbar is not always visible in some browsers
  • AE/SAE report exports missing some header translations
  • SMS text does not support the addition of the first name of a subject
  • Saving of a form answer is possible with an invalid input in some question types
  • An error message is shown on the login screen in Edge
  • Exporting answers for a data event that included a score form is missing the 'score value' header
  • Score value not updated right away when editing a score form.
  • Score form loaded from user profile does not have the correct question types list for new questions
  • Form question text translations misbehaving when a study has multiple languages set


  • Possibility to pay via e-pay when starting a study

You can take a look at our Toolbox below it is packed with powerful timesaving features. Furthermore, it can help you efficiently manage and collect clinical evidence.

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We aim to continually improve and develop SMART-TRIAL. We, therefore, welcome our users to give us feedback so that we can continually develop SMART-TRIAL so that it can help you achieve your goals and in turn ours. Contact us today and learn how to implement randomization and calculated questions in your studies.

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