SMART-TRIAL 2018.4 - The new version is out now!

October 15, 2018
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SMART-TRIAL today announces the general availability of SMART-TRIAL 2018.4 to all users. The SMART-TRIAL 2018.4 release includes several new features, changes in operation functionality, and bug fixes. Developed by the SMART-TRIAL team version 2018.4, incorporates the feedback we receive from our users and partners to continually improve SMART-TRIAL.

What's new with SMART-TRIAL 2018.4

1. More power to the people!

Three new collaborator permissions that were previously exclusive to the study owner have been made accessible to other collaborators

  • Manage collaborator. This permission allows collaborators to invite/edit/remove other collaborators and their access to the study.
  • Create site. The collaborator can create sites for the study.
  • Start/Finish data collection. The collaborator can start and finish the study.

2. For those with programming knowledge

More API functionality has been added, this allows users with programming knowledge to interact with SMART-TRIAL around the interface.

  • Export data using API
  • Edit/view subjects via API More information here

3. Hooks

The Study webhook module allows users to implement different listeners that will be triggered by a specific event ( currently: new subject enrolled, subject randomized, AE/SAE created, and study amendments). Upon being triggered the event will do one of the following: Send an email to specified email addresses or an HTTP POST to a specified end-point. This is a paid module, please contact us for more info. Webhooks: visual explanation

4. Import with CSV

Data can be imported by uploading a CSV file (possible by system administrators). This allows for legacy studies to be transferred to SMART-TRIAL. To make this process as smooth as possible, the study in SMART-TRIAL should be as close to the legacy study as possible. Additionally, some data mapping will be required. For more information on this feature please contact us.

5. Deleting a subject

It is now possible to delete subjects from a study, in case a subject wishes to be forgotten or was wrongfully enrolled in the study, he/she can be deleted. Only system administrators (SMART-TRIAL personnel) can delete subjects, therefore you will have to contact

IMPORTANT: Deletion is permanent, once deleted the subject cannot be recovered.

Improvements with 2018.4

1. Score Forms have been improved! We have added calculated questions, numeric and slider questions to score forms. Additionally, it is possible to select which questions to include in the total score. These changes will allow for more standard questionnaires to be usable in SMART-TRIAL, as complicated calculations are now possible. Score forms: visual explanation2. Study owners can now edit their OWN permission in a study, thereby removing access to sites/certain actions. The study owner can always add permissions back.3. Possibility text can be edited! Possibility text is now treated like all other text, making it possible to edit at any time.4. When clicking on a query notification, the system will now take you to the form containing the query and scroll to the query. You can read about all the changed and fixed features on our Changelog

Release Certification - SMART-TRIAL 2018.4

You can download the official SMART-TRIAL 2018.4 release certification.


You ask, we listen. The feedback from you, our users, and SMART-TRIAL partners have been the main driver behind this version. We encourage you to send us your ideas and improvement wishes to