SMART-TRIAL 2019.1 - A new version out now!

January 12, 2019
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SMART-TRIAL today announces the general availability of SMART-TRIAL 2019.1. This update includes several new features, improvements in operation functionality, and bug fixes. Developed by the SMART-TRIAL team, version 2019.1 incorporates feedback received from users and partners to continually improve SMART-TRIAL.

Notable Changes in SMART-TRIAL 2019.1

1. New Permission System and Roles - Simplified Collaboration

SMART-TRIAL 2019.1 includes a brand new permission system. You can now choose from a list of pre-defined roles with permissions, or specify for each collaborator. In addition, you can also have different permissions on each site. This enables a better overview of all permissions for each collaborator in your study.

2. Sponsor Permission - Improved Data Privacy

You can now remove or give collaborators permission to view personal identifiable subject information. Sponsors can remove this permission for their users, to hide any personal identifiable subject attributes from their view, and data export.

3. Amend AE/SAE & AE Changelog - Higher Quality Reports

(S)AEs can now be amended after they have been signed off. This is nice to have if changes or errors are found in AE/SAE reports. Upon amending a report, the user will be prompted for a reason. The change will be logged in the changelog, which can be found next to the amend button.

4. Duplicate a Study - With One Button

Users can now duplicate an entire study structure (study, forms, process and, sites). NO data or collaborators will be duplicated. If you need to train your sitesor re-use a study structure, it's easy to duplicate and run a complete replica of your production study in SMART-TRIAL.

5. Delete Sites - Reduce Clutter

If a site is empty, i.e no subjects have been enrolled, it is now possible to delete the site. This proves useful especially if sites have been created during building mode which are not used in production.

6. Birth Year - Fewer Sensitive Information

A birth year has been added as a subject attribute that can be chosen when setting up the study. Users requested this attribute, to reduce the amount of sensitive information in SMART-TRIAL.

7. "Remove" Elements - Better Data Management

Remove is a new feature that allows the user to remove (S)AE reports, medication, medication accounting and unscheduled events from an ongoing study. If you remove an item, it will be placed in "Storage". In Storage, all removed items can be viewed and restored if needed. Removed items are NOT included in the export or accessible from anywhere else than from the Storage.

SMART-TRIAL 2019.1 Feature Preview Video

Other Improvements in 2019.1

  • The changelog that's available when reviewing form answers now includes the actual answer changes as well. Previously it only contained a timestamp, a name of who made the change, and their reason for the change.
  • Label text for question type "Slider" can now be edited whenever needed.
  • Better and simplified access control
  • New permission system, please see Permissions Site for more information
  • Pre-defined study roles are now available for easier collaboration management
  • Collaborator roles like Investigator, Monitor, Data Entry, and Sponsor, are available
  • Existing SMART-TRIAL users now always receive an email when invited to a new study

Find a detailed list of all changes and fixes on the SMART-TRIAL Changelog.

Release Certificate - Download for QA

You can download the official SMART-TRIAL 2019.1 release certificate below.

Download Certification

You ask, we listen.The feedback from you, our users, and SMART-TRIAL partners have been the main driver behind this version. We encourage you to send us your ideas and improvement wishes to feedback@smart-trial.coGet notified early on, on any new updates and system changes. Sign up for the SMART-TRIAL detailed version update mail list.