SMART-TRIAL 2019.2 is Now Available

April 27, 2019
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SMART-TRIAL today announces the general availability of SMART-TRIAL 2019.2. Read more about the new features below and register for the Release Webinar to learn how to use them in your study.

What's New?

This version brings powerful improvements to the validation system of forms and questions, verification of data, and shortcut links to modules directly from Forms.

Data entry has been improved, which now supports usage of 'Tab' to jump between questions, medication list includes more information, Form builder now uses icons to present errors, and many many more.

For a detailed list of all changes please review the official changelog.

Question Validation Rules

Question validation rules
New UI for question validation rules

The validation system for questions has been improved. You can now use different operators like 'larger than' or 'smaller than or equal to' to create checks on numerical and date- and time-based inputs.

When a validation rule is triggered, you can ask SMART-TRIAL to present a warning message, create a query, or to block the input.

This enables you to create more advanced Validation Rules on important endpoint-sensitive data, which improves data quality by minimizing confusion and input errors.

Reference Rules

Reference Rules overview
Overview of Reference Rules in a Study

Similar to commonly known 'edit checks', SMART-TRIAL can now validate if an answer from a specific Form violates a condition which is related to another answer.

For example, you can now create a Reference Rule, which checks if an answer is 'greater than or equal to' another answer in a previous completed Form (or Data Event).

Create Reference Rule
Example of how you set up a Reference Rule

Module References in Forms (links)

Add module reference to Form
Add links to create AE/SAE reports to a Form

Now you can include a link to 1) create an AE/SAE Report, 2) create/edit a concomitant medication log, or 3) create/review Unscheduled Events within a Form (for Visit Events).

This is handy when users have to, for example, create an AE/SAE report while completing an eCRF.

Form with AE module Reference
Users can now create a report directly from the Form

While completing a Form in a Visit Event, you can now have a link presented in the Form, that allows users to create a new Adverse Event report, and return back to the Form with just a click of a button.

New Verification System

How to verify an answer
Verify a question answer

The new verification system is highly useful for both monitoring and internal quality assurance of data.

Collaborators with the "verify" permission can now mark Form answers, AE/SAE reports, and Medication logs as "verified".

If 'verified' is not the right word for your study, you can change the naming convention to e.g. 'Monitored' by editing your study under "Study info".

Example of Site overview with verification icons
Data Events will have special "Verified" and "Partly Verified" icons in the bottom right corner.

When Form answers are verified, you can both verify individual answers or a whole Form. When a Data Event is partly verified, a small icon will be shown in the bottom right of the Data Event box. When a Data Event is fully verified (all Forms), another "Verified" icon will be presented in the same location.

Only a few spots left for the Release Webinar

SMART-TRIAL 2019.2 Webinar

In light of the new release, we are hosting a special Release Webinar on the 16th of May 2019. Users are invited to join us and learn more about the new features introduced in SMART-TRIAL 2019.2.

In this webinar, you will learn how to use and set up the newest features in your studies. We'll also review some of the visual changes done on the Form builder.

Release Certificate

↓ Download your copy by clicking the image below. ↓

2019.2 Release Certificate
Click the image to download your copy of the SMART-TRIAL 2019.2 Release Certificate

For every SMART-TRIAL release, we conduct thorough verification and validation of all system requirements. For QA purposes, you can download the 2019.2 release certificate here

If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us via