SMART-TRIAL 2019.4 is now available

November 2, 2019
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SMART-TRIAL today announces the general availability of SMART-TRIAL 2019.4. to all users. This updated version brings several improved and fixed features. The combination of the fixes, improvements, and changes refine the overall platform, its technical stability, and eventually scalability.

What's been improved?

Exporting data in SMART-TRIAL 2019.4

One of the main improvements made is the experience of exporting data.

  • With this new version, you can export all studies regardless of their size.
  • To improve the export experience for you, export has its own section on the left side menu and the old export will redirect here as shown in the video below.

a new Export section in the menu

  • Before you can access the export screen, for security reasons, you will be asked to verify your identity via a one-time password sent to the phone number associated with your account as indicated in the image below.
A one-time password is requested
  • Exports are 'requested' which means they will continue to run in the background. Depending on the size of your study and the requested export it can take a few minutes but now you no longer need to remain in the export view. You can go elsewhere in the system while the export is being created. And, once the export is ready you will receive a notification that it is ready as indicated in the image below.
Example of a notification that data export has been completed.
  • Study level export items (AE, Medication, and study overview) will be downloaded immediately via a dialogue box as shown in the example below.

Download via a dialogue box

  • Additionally, exports are now stored for one hour, before they are deleted.

Clickthrough to create new sites

  • The "Create Sites" button in the Study Info view now takes you to Site Overview where sites can be created as indicated in the video below.

Study info to site overview

Other improvements

  • Additionally, this version lets you duplicate processes during amendment mode.
  • Support for Cantonese has been added to the public sign up and subject events.
  • The Verification status of questions and forms is added to the API
  • The total score of a score-form is included in the API


Query length has been increased to 1000 characters which give you more space to explain and communicate on a particular query.

For a detailed list of all  fixes please review the official SMART-TRIAL Changelog

Release certificate

For every SMART-TRIAL release, we conduct thorough verification and validation of all system requirements. For QA purposes, you can download the 2019.4 release certificate here.

↓ Download your copy by clicking the image below. ↓

If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us via