SMART-TRIAL 2020.1 is now available

March 28, 2020
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SMART-TRIAL 2020.1 release||

SMART-TRIAL today announces the general availability of SMART-TRIAL 2020.1 to all users. This updated version brings several new, improved and fixed features. The combination of the news, fixes, improvements, and changes refine the overall platform, its technical stability, and eventually scalability.

What’s New & What's Been Improved?

This version brings in new features as copy/paste question, subject ID Automation, and  QR code/link on subject events. Additionally, improvements have been made to dynamic tables, export labels, AE & Medication modules, validation rules, support language, and public sign up.

New: Copy/Paste question

To save time and improve efficiency use the copy/paste functionality in your questions. By clicking the copy button you copy one question to the SMART-TRIAL clipboard (temporary storage for the data) and then click paste where you would like to paste the data. It works exactly like it would in a word processor application. The copy of the question will contain type, question text (with an added "Copy Of"), validation rules, possibilities, rows, columns, and export labels - but NOT show rules. 

When the question is copied, it can be pasted either in the current form, a different form in the same study or in an entirely different study!
As in word, the clipboard can contain one item and is erased upon logout or closing the browser. This feature can be used on Information text and Modules references. The SMART-TRIAL clipboard allows you to copy one item at a time. 

For more information on how you can use this feature visit the helpsite

New: Subject ID Automation

As subject ID is unique, studies with multiple sites faced the issue of duplicating subject ID and therefore need to manually update subject ID to make it unique. It is now also possible to choose between three types of automatic subject id. You will eliminate the risk of mistakes that come from doing this manually. You can specify the Site ID when creating a new site or edit an existing site ID.

The three types are:

  1. Study incremented ID
  2. Site ID & Study incremented ID
  3. Site ID & Site incremented ID

For more information on how you can use this feature visit the helpsite

New: Button to show QR code/link on subject events

You will now have the option to click a button to show a QR code which opens the subject questionnaire as if they had clicked on the link in their email or SMS. 

The new QR code will allow for simpler sharing of subject event links, thereby you will be able to grab a screenshot from e.g. a tablet and hand it to a subject. Furthermore, there is a direct link to the subject questionnaire above the QR code that can be pasted into an email or a browser.

For more information on how you can use this feature visit the helpsite

Watch a short “preview” of the new features ⇣

SMART-TRIAL 2020.1 New Feature Preview Video

Improved: Dynamic Tables

You can now specify the maximum number of rows allowed and let your study personnel click the "+add" button to add a new row. Additionally, you can change between Dynamic and Static table during amendment mode and rows can be deleted. All with full traceability in the audit and changelog. To see how this feature works visit the helpsite

Specify max rows for Dynamic Tables

Improved: Enable/disable AE & Medication modules

If you do not use the Medication or Adverse Event module in SMART-TRIAL, you can now disable it in the study settings. This will remove any and all traces of the modules in your study. If you have already collected data using these modules, it will not be deleted. This feature can be enabled or disabled as per your needs.

Enable/Disable Medication & AE Modules

Improved: Validation rule support for possibility questions

Multiple choice, multiple response, smiley and Yes/No now support the use of validation rules. For example, if a user selects "Yes" to a certain question, or selects a specific combination in multiple response questions you can create a query.  For an in-depth explanation visit the helpsite

Add validation rules on Yes/No questions

Added support for more languages

Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian & Slovak. That brings our number of supported written languages up to 27.  If there is a language you need for a study we currently do not have, write to us at

Other Improvements

  1. Export labels on Data Events and Forms
  2. When creating an export you can now select "Coded possibilities" or  "Text possibilities"
  3. Enable re-enrollment on public sign up.

To see the rest of the improvements, changes, and fixes visit the Official SMART-TRIAL Changelog and join the release webinar ⇣

SMART-TRIAL 2020.1 Release Webinar

In light of the new release, we are hosting a Release Webinar on the 2nd of April at 13:00 CET. Users are invited to learn more about the new and improved features and how they can be used in studies.

SMART-TRIAL 2020.1 Release Webinar

Release certificate

For every SMART-TRIAL release, we conduct thorough verification and validation of all system requirements. For QA purposes, you can download the 2020.1 release certificate here.

↓ Download your copy by clicking the image below. ↓

Download the SMART-TRIAL 2020.1 Release Certificate
SMART-TRIAL 2020.1 Release Certificate

If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us via