SMART-TRIAL Launches Version 2021.6

October 25, 2021
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SMART-TRIAL 2021.6 includes helpful improvements to subject fill out options and study notifications. Additionally, the new SAS datetime format will ease data extraction for statistical analysis.

Get a quick walkthrough of the newly implemented 2021.6 features by SMART-TRIAL's product manager, Rasmus Blendal, in the video below.

Single Question Fill Out

The new single question fill out option provides a new way for subjects to fill out questionnaires one question at a time. This will present only one question/information text at a time and is implemented to improve the subject experience when using smartphones or tablets. The subject will be able to move back and forth between questions to provide the best possible overview of the answers provided.

Single Question Fill Out in SMART-TRIAL - one question per screen

New Study Notifications

Two new study notification types are now available. These enable you to get notified when:

  • A data event has expired
  • A reminder has been sent to a subject

The addition of the new notification types will make it even easier to stay on top of study progress and status.

SMART-TRIAL study notification - Data event has expired
SMART-TRIAL study notification - Reminder has been sent to subject

Study Notification Improvements

All new and existing study notifications have been improved. It is now possible to add 'Additional information' to study notification emails as well as webhooks. Emails and webhooks will have ids available that can be used to automate actions externally. Please see the help site for an overview of what's available.

Other Improvements and fixes

To review all other improvements, changes, and fixes, visit the official SMART-TRIAL Changelog.

Thoroughly Validated Software

For every SMART-TRIAL release we conduct thorough verification and validation of all system requirements. All SMART-TRIAL releases are validated according to SMART-TRIAL’s state-of-the-art quality management system to ensure compliance with relevant industry standards.

For quality assurance, you can download the 2021.6 release certificate here.

Click here to download SMART-TRIAL version 2021.6 release certificate