SMART-TRIAL Launches Version 2022.4

October 31, 2022
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SMART-TRIAL 2022.4 is here and it includes several feature improvements, along with a completely new slider for graded questions!

Get More Accurate Clinical Data with New and Improved Slider

Based on feedback from our clients and the medical device industry, we have developed a new best-in-class slider for graded questions.

The new and improved slider comes with vastly improved precision, user control, and flexibility, which enables far more precise and consistent data collection while greatly expanding the option to use graded slider questions in standardized scales. The intuitive and flexible setup makes the configuration of sliders for graded questions as easy as drawing them on paper!

Key Slider Updates

  • Usable in additional standardized scales due to vastly expanded configuration options
  • More accurate and consistent data collection with new scaling options
  • Higher fill-out rates with improved end-user experience
  • Great mobile experience due to both horizontal and vertical options
  • Easy setup with intuitive and flexible design

Hearing aid and dental implants manufacturers, and any pain related areas such as orthopedics and ophthalmology, will especially appreciate the new and improved Slider, as it allows for more accurate and consistent data collection. Users will be able to customize slider questions more precisely by editing labels, adding step sizes (e.g. 0.1, 0.2, 1) and choosing the orientation (horizontal or vertical).

Vertical Slider

Labels and Scale View

New and Existing Feature Changes

  • New table overview for AE/SAE and eConsent addons with better filtering options. The new AE/SAE table overview lets you customize exactly the things you want to see. It provides much better flexibility than before. You can now select which columns you want to see in the overview, pin columns to the right or left, change the width of each column, and sort the rows based on each column type. You can now also see the verification status of the AE, which helps the monitor get a better overview of which data is verified. Additionally, the filtering functionality is improved, letting you filter for e.g., status, create time, onset date, site, or AE/SAE status.
New AE Reporting Table Overview

AE Reporting Filtering Columns

AE Reporting Filter View

Watch a short demonstration of the new AE/SAE and eConsent table overview, below.

  • Display counter for ''Show Rules" and "Validation Rules". For every validation and show rule applied to a question, there is a counter that goes up, so that it is easier to see how many rules are applied to each question in a form. This saves time as users will know at a glance if there any rules applied instead of having to open up each validation rule and show rule.
Show Rules counter

Validation Rules counter

  • "Data Events" can be now duplicated
  • Duplicating a process will now also duplicate ''Process Validation Rules''
  • Users will be able to see a bigger portion of the question text, in the questions list when building a form, before it's wrapped

Old Question Text Wrapping

New Question Text Wrapping

  • The left side menu "pin" icon was changed to a pin. The icon was changed from an arrow to a pin to make it easier to understand what this does. When clicking on the pin icon, the left-side menu is pinned, making it easy to navigate in the system.

New Menu Pin

  • Audit log: Subject has been added as an actor for eConsent signing events. It is now possible to see the name of the subject who signed the eConsent. Previously, the actor was labelled "N/A". Now, the name matches the subject attribute when the subject was enrolled in SMART-TRIAL.
Old Audit Log ''Actor'' Value

New Audit Log "Actor" Value

  • A "Re-send invitation" button has been added to pending collaborators. It is now possible to resend the invitation to a collaborator who does not have a SMART-TRIAL account yet. This is to ensure users get the invitation to collaborate.
Re-send invitation button, collaborator view

Other Improvements and fixes

To review all other improvements, changes, and fixes, visit the official SMART-TRIAL Changelog.

Thoroughly Validated Software

For every SMART-TRIAL release we conduct thorough verification and validation of all system requirements. All SMART-TRIAL releases are validated according to SMART-TRIAL’s state-of-the-art quality management system to ensure compliance with relevant industry standards.

For quality assurance, you can download the 2022.4 release certificate here.

SMART-TRIAL Quality Assurance Certificate 2022.4
SMART-TRIAL Release Certificate 2022.4