SMART-TRIAL Launches Version 2023.1

January 30, 2023
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SMART-TRIAL 2023.1 is here and it comes with several feature and security improvements. The main highlight of this product release is: Export of Queries. We will also highlight a few other changes added to the Audit Log.

Better Overview to Help Study Closure

This release has brought the possibility to export Queries from a study, as well as add comments to a Query to state the reason for closing it.

The new export type is found under the "Study Level Exports" and will export all Query actions, with each action being a row (e.g. ''open'', ''closed'', ''responded'', ''reopened''). This will prove to be helpful in getting a detailed look into query actions, and valuable for study closure.

Alongside the new export we are also adding an ID to Queries, to make them easier to identify. It is a counter that will start from 1 and continue with as many Queries as created in the study. As mentioned "Accepting" a Query to close it, will now require a comment to be provided. All old (created prior to this release) queries will have a system generated comment added. The close action and comment will be available in the Query trail on the question. Old query actions (performed prior to this release) without changes will have their old/new values available in exports soon.

Add Reason for Change to "Edit" Actions in Audit Log

Users will be able to add a reason for editing actions in a form answer, in the audit log. In other words, exporting the audit log of any study will include reason for change for every edit made to a form answer (where reason was entered). This is to ensure all the relevant information for an edit is available in the audit log as well as in the change log within a form.

Existing Feature Changes

  • Deleting a question that has a query on it will now hide the query in the table and from the data events/forms
  • The AE reports table search has been improved with suggestions allowing users to narrow the search to a specific column that contains a match.

Other Improvements and fixes

To review all other improvements, changes, and fixes, visit the official SMART-TRIAL Changelog.

Thoroughly Validated Software

For every SMART-TRIAL release we conduct thorough verification and validation of all system requirements. All SMART-TRIAL releases are validated according to SMART-TRIAL’s state-of-the-art quality management system to ensure compliance with relevant industry standards.

For quality assurance, you can download the 2023.1 release certificate here.

Release Certificate 2023.1