SMART-TRIAL Launches Version 2023.2

April 3, 2023
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SMART-TRIAL Launches Version 2023.2

SMART-TRIAL 2023.2 has arrived! The main highlight of this product release is: Validation and Show Rules Data Grid. We will also mention a couple of changes to the Medication log.

Filter and Search for Validation & Show Rules

This release has made it now possible to perform a search as well as filter on the process validation and show rules. The view has changed to match that of the AE reporting view - data grid style. Users can now find a specific validation rule, or narrow the rules down significantly. For studies with more than 50 process validation rules, this will be especially helpful!

Process Validation Rules

Similar to the Adverse Event reporting view, when users apply filters to the columns there will be an indicator showing the number of active filters. In the case below, there is only 1 filter applied: ''show any form names'', called ''Vital Signs''. You can mix search and filter, to narrow down the options considerably. For now, users can only perform a search for ''Identifier''. In future product improvements, the search functionality will be expanded.

Process Validation Rules Filter
Filter by Form Name called ''Vital signs''

Another change to this view, is the possibility to toggle columns on and off. This can greatly improve the user experience and facilitate a cleaner, and faster overview of the process validation or show rules. Additionally, the columns can now be re-arranged by dragging them to a new position.

Columns View

In the video below, you can see our newly added filtering and search options and how to apply them specifically for Process Validation and Show Rules.

Add Reason for Change to "Edit" Data in Medication Log

Users will be required to add a reason for changing medication for any subject. It will also be possible to see this reason, along with changes, in the medication log.

The video below describes the new change added to the Medication log. For a more generic overview of changes, it is now possible to see who made the changes to medication and what has been changed in the Audit log as well.

Existing Feature Changes

  • Verification has been changed from Roman numerals to Arabic numerals: I -> 1

Other Improvements and fixes

To review all other improvements, changes, and fixes, visit the official SMART-TRIAL Changelog.

Thoroughly Validated Software

For every SMART-TRIAL release we conduct thorough verification and validation of all system requirements. All SMART-TRIAL releases are validated according to SMART-TRIAL’s state-of-the-art quality management system to ensure compliance with relevant industry standards.

For quality assurance, you can download the 2023.2 release certificate here.