SMART-TRIAL version 2.5 is out!

November 13, 2017
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We are happy to announce the release of SMART-TRIAL version 2.5. The updated version is now available to all our users and includes both new features and bug fixes.

What’s new?

  • Improved audit log – Added more advanced filters for a better overview.
  • Form status during fill out/review – It is now easier to see if a form is complete or incomplete, has missing data or a query.
  • Improved question status during fill out/review – Get a clear indication of questions that have not been answered, when the answer results in exclusion (for inclusion/exclusion forms), or when the answer contains validation error.
  • Mark a question as unavailable and remove an answer during fill out – It is now possible to mark an answer as “Not available” to finish the form and move on in the process.
  • Table based questions – This new question type allows you to define columns of a specific type (number, text, etc.) and column labels, as well as rows when filling out the value of each row-cell combination.
  • Body chart is now replaced by image chart – It is now possible to select your own image to draw on during fill out. Moreover, you can also define your own labels for the colors you wish to use to draw.
  • Improved data export – We've cleaned up the view and added export of unscheduled and discontinued events.
  • Lock data event activation and sign off subject enrolment – Locked data event cannot have its answers changed. Requires special permission to lock/unlock.
  • Multiple activations of data events – It is now possible to define a single event in a process that can be activated multiple times for the same subject.
  • Printing all forms for a single subject – You can now print and provide all answers as documentation when making a referral to the GP of a subject.

You ask, we listen

The feedback from you, our users, and SMART-TRIAL partners has been the main driver behind this update. We encourage you to send us your ideas and improvement wishes to feedback@smart-trial.coall feedback is kept in our backlog and reviewed before each version update. Schedule a free demo, and we will show you how you can utilize these new features in your study.