SMART-TRIAL Version 2.6 is out!

January 20, 2018
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We are happy to announce the release of SMART-TRIAL version 2.6. The updated version is now available to all our users and includes both new features and bug fixes.

What's New with this Version?

  • Adds External data events - This is similar to unscheduled events though authentication can be conducted through external systems by using an API key.
  • Changes External signup -External sign up is supported but requires an API key
  • Adds multiple show rules-  It is now possible to reference multiple questions when choosing question visibility with multiple conditions.
  • Fixes issue with users being prompted for password every hour
  • Increases time to reauthentication from 10 to 25 min - Inactive users will be asked to reauthenticate themselves after 25 minutes. However, it still allows the user 15 minutes to log out after the reauthorization-dialog is shown.
  • Adds country code for multiple Asian countries - You can now insert the country code for multiple Asian countries when collecting patients contact options information.

You ask, we listen

The feedback from you, our users, and SMART-TRIAL partners has been the main driver behind this update. We encourage you to send us your ideas and improvement wishes to feedback@smart-trial.coall feedback is kept in our backlog and reviewed before each version update. Schedule a free demo, and we will show you how you can utilize these new features in your study.