The Ideal Case-Based Data Collection Tool

Specifically designed to ensure simple and compliant prospective case-based PMCF
data collection.


Superior Ad-Hoc Data Capture

Collecting GCP compliant ad-hoc data has been a tough nut to crack for many medical device manufacturers – SMART-TRIAL Cases is here to fix that.

Less effort for clinicians, better data for you
Patient-specific data collection
GCP compliant data
Automatic user identification
All data in one place

Which Datatypes Can be Collected?

SMART-TRIAL Cases has no limits to what can or cannot be collected. Manufacturers can design their own forms and processes to how and when data is collected.

Clinical outcomes & performances
Safety & Vigilance
Clinical experience & off-label use

Want to Know More?

Check out our blog with insights on SMART-TRIAL Cases  or watch our product webinar with an expert walkthrough of the functionalities as well as interesting use cases.