Brain Healthcare Innovator Elminda Adopting Smart Data

ElMindA, is an inspiring brain-tech company addressing one of the ultimate challenges - understanding the human brain, paving a path for better brain health through BNA™ (Brain Network Activation) technology. The state-of-the-art BNA™ technology holds the potential to revolutionize the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of brain-related disorders by measuring how effectively different parts of the brain are connecting and communicating.

Elminda's goal is to document the efficacy and safety of its brain network activation (BNA™) technology and to improve its product research and development programs. Hence, ElMindA sought a solution that was equipped to cover the different types of studies they needed to perform.

Elminda now have an all-in-one solution that enables them to collect and manage all evidence based data. Greenlight Guru Clinical can be tailored to clinical study and post-market needs, as well as market and product research. Increased overview, flexibility, and integration possibilities with the BNA™ platform, are some of the great benefits that Elminda gets with Greenlight Guru Clinical.

Based in
Hertsliya, Israel

Using Greenlight Guru Clinical for

Verification and Validation

Clinical Investigations

Post-Market Clinical Follow-Up

ElMindA is a data-driven company and constantly aims to improve the quality and visibility of data. We believe that the Greenlight Guru Clinical data management platform will help us to achieve these mandatory goals.

Liran Korine

Director Clinical and Regulatory Affairs - Elminda Ltd.