Hearing aid device leader Oticon generating quality data

Oticon has been a world leader in hearing care since 1904. Since then, Oticon has delivered state-of-the-art hearing aids to people around the world. To maintain high quality, they undertake multiple clinical tests on their hearing devices every year.


Oticon was using outdated methods of data collection which included paper-based forms and survey software. They faced challenges with missing data, lack of data transparency, regulatory compliance, and often spending too much time on transcribing data. As a result, data quality was suboptimal and usage of internal resources on data management was high.


Oticon selected the Greenlight Guru Clinical platform as the EDC solution that could  minimize and/or eliminate the use of paper, help improve compliance with industry standards and regulations and be easy to use.


In addition to enabling better compliance with regulations, an estimated return on investment (ROI) was:
136% in the first 24 months and more than 270% after two years.

Additionally, the number of hours, spent on printing and transcribing data was substantially reduced and over 199 days a year are saved on data management. Having implemented Greenlight Guru Clinical, Oticon has reported improved overview, internal communication, data security and compliance rates.

We've managed to cut weeks of work out of clinical tests simply by being more efficient in the way that we collect and manage data, with additional benefits of data being of a higher quality and error-free which will help us drive our products faster to market

Karen Elise Karlsmose Boel

Head of Clinical Audiology and Usability, SIV - Oticon A/S
Based in
Smørum, Denmark

Using Greenlight Guru Clinical for

Verification and Validation

Clinical Investigations

Post-Market Clinical Follow-Up