eCRF Designed to Capture MedTech Specific Study Data

You control the eCRF, not the other way around. Design and customise based on your unique medical device study needs.

Full control of the design and set up

Ensure high quality data capture for your clinical investigation

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop form creator
  • Ready-to-use form validation
  • Preview and Test on-the-go
  • GCP compliant monitoring
  • GCP compliant data management
  • Flexible with no limitations on Form design

Standardise your data collection

Choose from 17 different ready to use auto-validated question types

  • Help text to guide subjects answer questions
  • Simplify data analysis with custom labels
  • File & Image as an Answer (max. limit of 10MB)
  • Preview and test on-the-go
  • Custom export labels

Model your eCRF based on your study requirements

eCRF's for simple or complex protocols with no limits

Module References 

Create links with Module References to other Study modules such as Unscheduled Events, Adverse Events module and Concomitant Medications. Create new entries directly from the eCRF

  • Impove efficiency of clinical teams
  • Reduce errors
  • Capture only relevant data
Module references to other study modules

Validation & Reference Rules

Set up advanced validation rules on individual questions. Trigger Greenlight Guru Clinical to automatically show a warning message, create a query, or block the data input.

  • Eliminate data entry errors
  • Ensure completeness and consistency of data
  • Complete audit logging and change management

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