Getting Started with SMART-TRIAL

Onboarding is designed to provide all first-time users with a successful start in SMART-TRIAL. Ensure compliance with ISO 14155:2020 Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and other regulatory requirements.

The SMART-TRIAL Onboarding Program

The SMART-TRIAL Onboarding includes consultation and recommendations on your clinical data management processes.

  • Form design
  • Training in Study setup
  • Introduction to SMART-TRIAL regulatory templates
  • Guidelines on external site training
  • Dedicate Account Executive & Customer Success Executive

How does onboarding work?

We provide you with three different sessions to teach you SMART-TRIAL basics, conduct data management and recommendations on improvement. We provide templates to use in your internal clinical QMS.

  • Training Session
  • Checkpoints
  • Graduation
  • Guidance on compliance with FDA, GCP & GDPR
  • Dedicate Account Executive & Customer Success Executive

Our commitment to your success

SMART-TRIAL is committed to the MedTech industry and is reflected in our platform and services. We developed SMART-TRIAL for clinical teams to be their best and in full control of their data without compromising on features, design or compliance. The onboarding process has been developed with the same conviction and commitment to ensure your success.