A note from the CEO of MEDEI on its 6th year in business

March 13, 2019

In light of MEDEI’s 6th year in business I want to take this opportunity to share our journey and to thank those that are helping us on our mission to define new software standards for the medical industry. 

At the core of MEDEI are multidisciplinary teams with a wide variety of skills in software development, healthcare, regulatory affairs, clinical research, and data management. This combination of skills allows us to support some inspirational companies which highlights our contribution to the clinical industry.

I am proud that MEDEI shows a willingness to grow and continues to gain vast amounts of experience working with industry leaders in generation of clinical evidence. From this I am convinced that we are developing skills that will allow us to rank higher within the healthcare sphere.

With the growing need for healthcare in the world, and the exponential growth at which medical devices are being developed, I’d say we are in the right space to make a difference and maintain our position within the industry. 

There are challenging, yet exciting, times ahead, with stricter and improved regulations on clinical evidence for medical devices, and we look forward to continue supporting innovative MedTech organizations towards compliance.

What makes this year a special one, is the new chapter we are about to begin as we relocate our HQ in Aalborg, Denmark to accommodate the growing team. While I look back at our achievements in the past six years I am even more hopeful for the opportunities that we have created for the next six ahead.

Páll Jóhannesson – CEO & Co-Founder of MEDEI ApS


MEDEI 2019