Co-Founder Jón I. Bergsteinsson appointed VP of Global Business Development

November 28, 2017

Since SMART-TRIAL was first made available in 2015 the partner portfolio has been growing at a steady pace. With 500 users in over 8 different countries and 30+ research institutions, SMART-TRIAL is gaining a quality reputation around the world.As part of the company's strategy to prioritize the globalization of SMART-TRIAL, MEDEI's co-founder and former CTO will take on a new position as the Vice President of Global Business Development.

Jón I. Bergsteinsson

Jón I. Bergsteinsson

Jón has a background in Biomedical Engineering and informatics from Aalborg University and has managed MEDEI's R&D department from the beginning. Yet, as the SMART-TRIAL portfolio has grown together with the organization, his responsibility has shifted more toward SMART-TRIAL end-users and partners.Together, with his strong technical background and his drive as a founder, his goal is to share SMART-TRIAL's vision on clinical trials and data collection with medical device manufacturers. At the same time, improve relations and cooperation with our current clients and partners.

Emerging towards Israel with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

SMART-TRIAL was one of 12 companies selected for the 2017-2018 VITUS program by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in June 2017. The goal of the VITUS program is to assist Danish organizations in export to foreign markets.Israel was chosen as SMART-TRIAL's focus market, and as such one of Jón's main focus will be to establish new relations within the MedTech industry in Israel.Feel free to contact Jón for further questions. Also, he'd be happy to pay a visit to both new and existing SMART-TRIAL partners.