Loop Medical Selects SMART-TRIAL for Innovative Blood Collection Studies

July 6, 2021

Loop Medical will be using SMART-TRIAL’s EDC platform to collect and manage all clinical data in upcoming trials for ground-breaking blood collection technology.

Loop Medical is on a mission to make blood collection easy, safe, and virtually painless for everyone, everywhere while simultaneously simplifying the process for healthcare professionals. Loop Medical’s blood collection technology will enable large volume collection of high-quality blood through a minimally invasive process. By accessing blood capillaries just below the skin, Loop Medical’s blood collection device will unlock the tremendous potential of decentralized testing - without the use of a needle.

Loop Medical has already received prominent praise and validation. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has granted a total of USD 3.6 million to their research, and many sources refer to their technology as ground-breaking.

SMART-TRIAL’s EDC platform will be used to collect and manage data from all clinical studies needed in the approval process of the new blood sample device.

“We needed something to streamline data collection for our blood collection device study, as there will be a substantial amount of data collected as well as data collected at different investigation sites. We were looking for an EDC platform specified for medical devices and considered three providers – this was quickly narrowed down to one. SMART-TRIAL’s platform is extremely user-friendly, and the customer service has been incredible. We were particularly impressed by the in-depth knowledge of the SMART-TRIAL study experts, which helped us save a lot of time on our study setup.”

Said Alison Moran, Pre-clinical/Clinical Project Manager at Loop Medical.

CEO of SMART-TRIAL, Páll Jóhannesson, is also pleased to be part of Loop Medical’s journey towards a modern blood collection method:

“We are very proud to be able to assist Loop Medical in their mission to completely transform blood sample collection. The medical device approval process is becoming increasingly stringent, and medical device manufacturers face new obstacles all the time. Our mission is to make those obstacles easy to overcome and help safe devices get approved for healthcare – we aim to do the same for Loop Medical”

About Loop Medical

Loop Medical is an ambitious healthcare startup reinventing blood collection and is based at the EPFL (Swiss Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland). Established in 2016, Loop has engineered a breakthrough painless and easy-to-use blood collection technology to simplify access to clinical grade laboratory results. Loop’s solution also targets the global health challenge raised by infectious diseases.

More information on www.loop-medical.com


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