Withings Insources Clinical Trials with SMART-TRIAL

September 1, 2021

Smart-device developer Withings will be moving clinical trial management in-house and has chosen SMART-TRIAL’s EDC platform for future trials.

In the efforts to improve the life of patients suffering from heart disease or sleep apnea, as well as other medical conditions. Withings continues to advance blood pressure monitor and sleep apnea technology development. As the inventor of the first ever Wi-Fi connected scale, Withings has been at the forefront of innovation for years and moving clinical trials in-house will enable faster and more cost-effective product development for future medical devices. This long-standing commitment also validates and reinforces the technology in Withings’ wide range of consumer products, providing users with useful and proven health data.

For several years Withings has been conducting clinical trials via external organizations. When switching to an in-house approach, Withings needed a software with a good track record that would help simplify clinical data collection while enabling a cost-effective and fast route from trial to market.

“We were looking for an EDC platform that is simple to use, good looking and has a reasonable cost. SMART-TRIAL ticked all the boxes and after testing our entire setup I can say that it’s a very good experience to use the platform. SMART-TRIAL has all the features we need, and the interface looks good and is super user-friendly.”

Said Valéry Elie, Head of Clinical Operations, Withings.

Withings will be running a number of both pre- and post-market studies over the coming few years and have already initiated several studies for their innovative sleep apnea and heart monitoring devices.

“We often see that simplicity of EDC study setup and management is key for medical device companies managing their own clinical trials. We are very impressed with Withings’ approach towards future trials and are happy to be a small part of their mission to improve the life of sleep apnea and heart patients.”  

Said Páll Jóhannesson, CEO, SMART-TRIAL.

About Withings

Established in 2008, Withings, is a world leader in connected health technology. Its team of engineers, data scientists, and healthcare professionals have enthused everyday, elegant lifestyle objects with medical capabilities to efficiently track health vitals. Its range of medical-grade in-home devices can monitor more than 20 health parameters and are used daily by millions of people worldwide. Its portfolio of devices that includes connected scales, hybrid watches, smart thermometers, blood pressure monitors, and sleep trackers empower individuals to take back control of their health, track chronic diseases and detect under-diagnosed conditions.

The Withings Health Solutions division supports researchers and healthcare professionals around the world. It provides unique patient-generated health data collection and analysis solutions to remotely and continuously monitor patients' health with innovative, engaging, and non-invasive medical devices.


SMART-TRIAL helps MedTech clinical teams to comply with regulations on clinical evidence, by simplifying the collection and management of data.

Tailor-made for MedTech, SMART- TRIAL offers a do-it-yourself Electronic Data Capture for clinical investigations, clinical performance studies, PMCF and PMPF activities, including registries, surveys and case-series.

SMART-TRIAL is built to empower clinical teams to be their best, and in full control of their data, without compromising on features, design, or compliance.