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Some of our clients

World Leader in Regenerating Damaged Human Tissues Uses SMART-TRIAL

Learn how Kerecis, world pioneer in the use of fish skin and fatty acids for tissue regeneration, ended up using SMART-TRIAL EDC to run a randomized, controlled trial in 4 European countries with approximately 300 patients enrolled.


Bernafon’s Clinical Trial Data Management Journey from Excel to SMART-TRIAL

Learn about Bernafon's journey from using Excel for their clinical trial data management to using SMART-TRIAL EDC for all data collection and management


AI-Assessed QTC Measurement Directly from Consumer Smartwatches

Learn how Cardiologs used SMART-TRIAL with an external API addon to run studies in a single system while directly transferring data from the Cardiologs software to the SMART-TRIAL platform.


MDR Compliant Prospective & Retrospective Clinical Studies

Learn how Nobel Biocare performed MDR Compliant prospective & retrospective clinical studies with SMART-TRIAL EDC and SMART-TRIAL Cases


Generating quality data with SMART-TRIAL

Learn how Oticon A/S has streamlined their verification & validation testing to comply with PMCF.


Elminda Adopting Smart Data

Learn how Elminda is using SMART-TRIAL to collect data in post-market clinical studies.


Smarter Renal Care Trials

Learn how Quanta is improving the lives of dialysis patients by providing advanced hemodialysis solutions for use in both the clinic and home.


What some of our Clients Have to Say

Florian Kübler
Nobel Biocare, Switzerland

Nobel Biocare has implemented SMART-TRIAL for data collection in several clinical research projects of different complexities. We are pleased with the intuitive and straightforward setup of new projects and the great usability in data collection. Moreover, we are very grateful for the fast and helpful support from the SMART-TRIAL team when it comes to flexibility towards project setup and ideas for facilitating processes.

Sofia Jonhede
Oticon Medical AB, Sweden

SMART-TRIAL will enable our many clinical specialists to better collaborate, interact and speed the collection of clinical evidence.

Liran Korine
ElMindA, Israel

ElMindA is a data-driven company and constantly aims to improve the quality and visibility of data. We believe that the SMART-TRIAL data management platform will help us to achieve these mandatory goals.

Karen Elise Karlsmose Boel
Oticon A/S, Denmark

Oticon's mission is to continue delivering the best hearing aids in the world. And we believe that SMART-TRIAL can help us doing this faster than we have done before.

James Grainger
Quanta Dialysis Technologies, England

SMART-TRIAL’s disruptive cloud technology helps Quanta’s clinical trial teams to work faster and significantly reduce the costs of generating and managing clinical and operational data, from our perspective, it is transforming our extended data ecosystem.

Laura Winther Balling
Widex A/S, Denmark

With SMART-TRIAL we have the opportunity to collect and manage our post-market data from all over the world in one place. The email and SMS reminders help with the timeliness of responses and, after a study ends, the data can straightforwardly be downloaded. Whenever we are in doubt about anything, support is friendly, efficient, and fast.

Unnur A. Valdimarsdóttir
Áfallasaga Kvenna- SAGA cohort

Due to the sensitive topic and the large target size, we had high demands on both security and usability. We believe we made the right decision by selecting SMART-TRIAL, because it meets our requirements for both compliance and a user-friendly interface.