Automate PMCF Data Collection With GCP Compliant Surveys

The only survey tool specifically designed and developed to handle the need of MDR PMCF.
Validated and compliant with ISO14155:2020.

Customize the Experience

Design your own Forms and Processes and enhance the Survey experience towards your company brand.

  • Clinical experience & feedback
  • Vigilance and safety data
  • Usability 
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GCP Compliant Data Validation

Comply with GCP and fulfill PMCF requirements of the MDR by generating compliant data with a validated tool

  • Device specific and PMCF relevant custom questionnaires
  • Validated questionnaire or scales
  • Comply with GDPR requirements for informed consents & data protection
  • Document data traceability from source to sponsor

Get started quickly

With SMART-TRIAL’s ‘Do-it-yourself’ approach you can initiate data collection and save time by eliminating complex study setups.