Automate PMCF Data Collection With Case-Series & Anonymous Surveys

The only survey tool specifically designed and developed to handle the need of MDR PMCF

Don't overburden clinical staff

SMART-TRIAL Survey is validated and compliant with ISO14155:2020 requirements

Ad hoc data entry

Let clinicians be in control of when they deliver data and minimize the burden on clinical staff. Ad Hoc Data Entry has no limits. Design your own forms and processes to how and when data is collected

  • Case-reported outcomes 
  • Clinical experience & feedback
  • Vigilance
  • Usability 

GCP Compliant survey data

Comply with GCP and fulfill PMCF requirements of the MDR by generating compliant data with a validated tool

  • Device specific and PMCF relevant custom questionnaires
  • Validated questionnaire or scales
  • Comply with GDPR requirements for informed consents and data protection.
  • Document data traceability from source to sponsor

Get started quickly

With SMART-TRIAL’s ‘Do-it-yourself’ approach you can initiate data collection and save time by eliminating complex study setups.