Streamlined eCRF & ePRO for PMCF Studies and Clinical Investigations

Seamlessly integrate eCRF and ePRO to collect clinical data from both healthcare staff and patients.

Integrate eCRF & ePRO

  • Interlace ePRO events with scheduled Study visits
  • Automatic send out of patient questionnaires
  • Create new entries directly from the eCRF
  • Overview of all data collection activities
  • Data safely stored in one central location

Validate device usability, design & general application in clinical practice.

Clinical data entry from clinicians and healthcare staff from eCRF

  • Create Forms to gather information about general usability, design, and clinical application (depending on device).
  • Likert scale for usability and design related questions
  • Make amendments on the go
  • Flexible and customisable roles and permissions

Build a dataset of patient outcomes

Combine clinical information with patient-reported outcomes, to build a solid registry around the usage and efficacy of your device

  • Improve the quality of data for regulatory affairs
  • Improve customer experience with your device
  • Improve overview of the device performance in the market
  • Follow-ups with Automation & Reminders
  • Public sign up or normal subject events

Validation & Reference Rules

Set up advanced validation rules on individual questions.Trigger SMART-TRIAL to automatically show a warning message, create a query, or block the data input.

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